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I wrote a blog once titled "To My Newly Diagnosed Self…" It was both a cathartic, reflective and uplifting experience for me. It's hard to think of the years that I spent in denial and sadness, unable to enjoy the present due to my overwhelming fears of the future. This journey over the last 15 years since my diagnosis has taught me a lot. As I write in that particular post "…facing this challenge will teach you humility, empathy and strength. That it will force you to live in the moment, to take nothing for granted. That it will not defeat you as you may now believe, but instead be the very element that causes you to thrive."

Now it's time for you to share your words of wisdom. Life experience teaches us an incredible amount and we are not the same people we were prior to hearing those words "I think you have Parkinson's Disease". In addition, we all learn from each other, particularly when we share such similar life experiences in some ways. So in one brief paragraph starting with the words "To my newly diagnosed self…" please share your wisdom, inspiration, the single most important lesson you've learned; one that you wish you knew when you first faced this challenge. Allow others in our community, some experienced and others still early in their journey, to learn from your insight. Also please include a photograph to add to your written piece.

Some guidelines for submission:
Content - it's your wisdom, you decide on what to share!
Length - any length works!
Photo - horizontal orientation is better
That's it!
Please forward your post to me at Thank you!

Here are compelling and sage words of advice, the wise suggestions that only experience can bring...thank you kindly for your contributions!
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