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The Guinea Pig Experience

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I was there for my first appointment for a new clinical study, one looking at developing a new protocol for testing drugs directed at dyskinesias, those uncontrollable movements or side effects of the very drugs we use to treat Read more...

Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials – it’s a term we all have heard. We know that they’re necessary and we know that people need to participate in them. Then why is there such a shortage of trial participants? Close to 85% of all clinical trials are delayed Read more...

Genetics Loads the Gun

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As a physician I’ve seen first hand the role that environment and genetics play in determining our health. In fact the cause of all illnesses can really be placed on a spectrum with environment and genetics contributing to varying, Read more...

So What's the Story

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Overall I am not jaded and I believe that there truly is integrity in journalism, that the media recognizes its power and influence and in general, Read more...

Why So Long?

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Even though research in the Parkinson's disease (PD) field continues to progress, there is still no cure for this disease The question arises: why is it taking so long to find a cure? Read more...


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Most fundamentally, participating in this marathon really served to confirm what I have always believed - that proactivity is a key component Read more...

Other Publications

Fox Trial Finder

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Soania Mathur, a Patient Council member and Fox Trial Finder volunteer,underscores the importance of connecting clinical trials to volunteers. Read more...

Six Words that Changed My Life

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I always wanted to be a doctor. For as long as I could remember, being a doctor was always my goal and what motivated Read more...

Online Gateway

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Parkinson's disease has invaded every aspect of life. Read more... Also read my blog response...

PD Trial Recruitment

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What the millions of us affected with a chronic, disabling disease need is quite simple yet unbelievably complicated - better treatments and ultimately, a cure. Read more...

April is PD Awareness

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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month. It's a time to increase public awareness about a disease that detrimentally affects the lives Read more...

Genetics & Environment

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More than likely, the exact reason I was challenged with this chronic illness at such a young age, will remain a mystery but I have my suspicions. Read more...

Guide To Clinical Trials

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Currently there is no cure for Parkinson's disease and although there is a dedicated community of researchers Read more...

Why Participate?

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However what we may not realize is that we are an integral part of this process, that without us there can be no progress. Read more...

Drug Development

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How does a drug get from being an idea in a researcher’s mind to the drug store shelf?  It’s a long and arduous journey that begins as just that – a thought. Read more...

Types of Clinical Trials

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Clinical trials or clinical studies simply refer to those research studies that involve human volunteers and are conducted to add to, Read more...

Finding Clinical Trials

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There are many reasons that the vast majority of clinical trials for Parkinson’s disease (among other conditions) are delayed or never even begin Read more...


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Although it’s wonderful that you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, your interest alone is not enough. Read more...

Glossary of Terms

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The research community has its own language and when you take part in a clinical study you may encounter terms that you are not familiar with. Read more...

Pros & Cons

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Clinical trial participation is absolutely necessary in order for the research community to develop better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s disease Read more...

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