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"My Grandpa's Shaky Hands"

For the youngest members of our families, "My Grandpa's Shaky Hands" is a beautifully illustrated, optimistic story of the admiration a grandson has for his grandfather, seeing only the abilities his grandfather possesses, not the disabilities perceived by others. Hopefully it will serve to facilitate dialogue within families affected by Parkinson's disease and will help allay some of the concerns or fears that the children often have as they witness the changes brought about by this disease in their loved ones. Read more...

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"Shaky Hands - A Kid's Guide to Parkinson's Disease"

Parkinson’s disease impacts whole family units, not just those that are afflicted with this condition. Not sheltered from this reality are many children who are witness to the challenges grandparents, older relatives and sometimes their own parents, face when living with PD. Since we fear what we don’t understand, this book will serve to enlighten children about all aspects of this disease. It will also work to empower them to make a change in their families and the community at large by contributing in their own way to the search for better Parkinson’s treatments and ultimately a cure. Read more...