PD - The Science

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Coping with Parkinson's

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Living with Parkinson's

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We may not have control over our diagnosis, but how we face this challenge is ours to determine.
We must abandon our fear of the future in order to begin living our present.
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“My Grandpa’s Shaky Hands”

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Available now on Amazon and suitable for preschoolers, my first book "My Grandpa's Shaky Hands". To help facilitate dialogue and understanding for the youngest in our families. Order your copy today!

“Shaky Hands - A Kid’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease”

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Also available now on Amazon and suitable for children in elementary school, my second book “Shaky Hands - A Kid’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease”. To help educate and empower children with a loved one facing the challenges of PD.
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There are over one million people living with Parkinson's Disease in North America alone, some who are farther along in the disease process, some struggling with the burden of a new diagnosis. Helping to alleviate some of the disability that so many are faced with and to prevent others from having to embark down this path at all, is where my dedication now lies. "Designing a Cure for Parkinson's Disease" was initially created to conceptualize and implement strategies to raise funds directed towards research and awareness of Parkinson's Disease. It now also serves as a platform to educate and inspire those living with this disease to take charge of their lives, to live well with Parkinson's. With your support and generosity, we will be closer to finding a cure for this disabling neurological disease that affects one in one hundred adults over the age of 60 years. Unfortunately for the time being, many will face this diagnosis but together we can support much needed research that is diligently working towards making this a disease of the past.

“Life used to be about my body giving out on me, about being the mother of three beautiful girls and not knowing if I’m going to be able to dance at their weddings; about having been trained as a physician and no longer being able to use my skills to serve the community; about being a wife and not knowing if I will grow old with my husband. This is now about not succumbing to the weight of this burden, not folding under the fear of my future. This is about doing whatever I can for the millions of others affected with PD, those that may not be blessed with the support that I have. This is about being proactive, about raising money for organizations that I believe will fund the research that is needed to find a cure and will better the lives of patients as they live with this challenge until that time. Designing a Cure Inc. will help with this goal. This is my way of contributing.”
- Dr. Soania Mathur